The Better Choice

Saint Francisco Marto to Lucia and his sister, Saint Jacinta:




“…you go ahead; I am going to keep the ‘hidden Jesus’ company.”



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On arguments that may be, and sometimes must be, made

In the Light of the Law

I have taken no position on the Correctio Filialis. I know and respect some of its signatories as I do some of its critics but, as the document itself seems to fall within the boundaries of Canon 212, I say, ‘Have at it folks and may the better arguments prevail’. That said, some recent arguments against the Correctio are, in my view, subtly deficient and, time permitting, I will reply to them.

But even before that, I wish to reply to an attitude I perceive emerging against the Correctio, one that attempts to dissuade Correctio supporters from their position by alleging a disastrous—but supposedly logical—consequence of their being right, something along these lines: If Amoris laetita and/or Pope Francis and/or his Vatican allies are really as bad as the authors of the Correctio seem to believe, then all petitions, Dubia, and corrections will do no good. Prayer and…

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More Fervent Reception of Holy Communion

Consecrated Host

Strive to avoid, at all costs, the ever-prevalent danger of receiving Holy Communion in a mechanical, perfunctory, routine, flippant, and nonchalant fashion.  The real danger of easy access and availability of Daily Mass and Holy Communion is to simply take the Lord for granted.

In many sacristies, especially in convents of nuns or retreat Houses there is a sign, better yet a “Warning-sign” with the following words:  “Priest, man of God, say this Mass as if it were your first Mass, last Mass and only Mass.”  This should be our approach and attitude if we are in the habit of receiving Holy Communion frequently maybe even on a daily basis—to receive Holy Communion every time as if it were our first Holy Communion, last Holy Communion and only Holy Communion!

Indeed how much more fervent would our reception of Holy Communion be!!!


(From Five Ways To Improve Our Reception Of Holy Communion by Fr. Ed Broom)

Let Us Console Jesus!

What consoles Jesus more than anything else, however, is that we understand His Eucharist; that is, that we understand the love it signifies and the suffering it represents. Then, indeed the soul feels the necessity of consoling Him, at least the way little ones console with their love and delicate tokens of affection, and in the manner John consoled Him, throwing ourselves into the arms of Christ, hiding ourselves in His bosom, so that His heart may feel close by the pulsations of another heart which understands and loves Him.

This is what we should be doing during our adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Whether it is in the daytime or at night, the hour of adoration should reproduce the beautiful scene of the Cenacle: John reclining at Jesus’ bosom. The Eucharistic soul has two places of honor, then: at the foot of the cross and on the bosom of Jesus. One demands the other; both complement each other.”

(From The Holy Eucharist by Father Jose Guadalupe Trevino)

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Mass – The Heart of the Matter

A video to share with everyone you know

How Jesus Healed Me

I, along with roughly fifty others were blessed by a powerful and moving talk my sister gave on the Mass today, as it relates to her own faith journey.

There’s no way I could recapture all that she shared, however, I was to share a video she concluded her talk with; and by providence she was asked to produce for the archdiocese of Milwaukee a couple of years ago.

This powerful true life story of Joe Smith and Jackie Piano and how their conversion is related to the power of the Mass never fails to move me and remind me how Heaven touches earth in each and every Mass.

“If we really understood the Mass we would die of joy.” ~ St. John Vianney

“It would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do so without the Holy Mass.” ~ St. Pio of Pietrelcina

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